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Umbrella Insurance protects your assets!

Personal Umbrella insurance affords coverage when you need it most. Traditional auto and homeowners insurance policies provide limited liability insurance, but once those limits are exhausted...your assets are at stake. In a growing litigious American culture, a personal umbrella could be what saves you from filing bankruptcy.

How affordable is a Personal Umbrella?

Most can enjoy the security a personal umbrella policy offers for less that $300 a year. Like all insurance products, its dependent on your financial needs. Contact one of our agents today to evaluate your individual insurance needs.

Do I need to qualify for an Umbrella?

Our agents have to verify that your current insurance plan is adequate enough to meet underwriting guidelines for our Personal Umbrella carriers.  This requires a review of your auto, home, and other insurance products to determine if you meet the minimum required limits to purchase an umbrella. 

"An umbrella provides me with the comfort of knowing that no matter how sever the accident...I'm covered." - O. San Miguel, RGV Resident


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