You're right!  Insurance companies DO think of everything!  Your age plays an important role in a lot of different factors of your individual insurance rates.  In fact, your age will impact your homeowners, personal auto, commercial auto, life and health insurance...both positively and negatively!  Here's a quick look at ages that are guaranteed to impact your insurance rates:


How could we start a birthday article without touching on the occasion that brings us to you first experience with our industry.  Whether you are the baby or the parent during a birth, you'll begin to feel the effects of insurance by virtue of your health insurance plan.  This is also the perfect time for a new parent to protect their loved ones by purchasing or reviewing their current life insurance plan.  STIS believes in a proper plan that protects the best interests of our insureds.  Contact us today to further discuss what is right for you.

16-20 years old

Chances are if you're receiving this e-mail, you're not celebrating your 16th to 21st birthday...but your children will be!  This should trigger your preparation for a spike in your auto insurance premiums.  It is inevitable that when your child are licensed drivers that they will be required to be listed under your auto insurance policy.  Join our mailing list for monthly tips that save!

21-25 years old

By now, those children are out of high school and off to college.  Most homeowners policies will consider personal property off premises as covered, but in most cases, its best to purchase a renters policy for your children to avoid a high deductible in the event of a theft.  For a female, at age 21 your rates are no longer surcharged on your auto insurance.  For males, its a longer stretch to 25 before your auto rates balance out.  By 25, your children should be considering their own insurance policy unless they are a)still living with you or b)still college students.  Call us today and we'll be glad to help you make an educated decision!

26-40 years old

This is by far the best age group to be in.  You've already experienced balanced rates on your car insurance, you're starting to grow your net worth by way of assets like your automobiles, home, and jewelry, and you are traditionally done with school and in the work force.  Whats most important for you is considering protecting your life's work by evaluating your exposures, and protecting against those risks with affordable insurance solutions.  Start by increasing your liability limits on your homeowners insurance and auto insurance.  More info can be found by visiting a previous article I've written here which covers the need for higher liability limits.  Next, get a quote on a personal Umbrella policy to extend your liability limits in the event of a major claim.  An umbrella will protect you from the legal expenses that often drive families to bankruptcy.  Most households can enjoy the protection of an umbrella for less that $300/yr!  Visit STIS Recommends: Personal Umbrella Insurance for more info.  If you haven't sorted out a life insurance policy, its getting pretty close to being a huge mistake!  Here's a little insight on why life insurance is one of the most responsible things you can do to protect your loved ones. Life Insurance vs. Savings Account

41-55 years old

The pressure is slowly coming off!  By now, life insurance is a common expense and if you bought it early, its still very affordable.  If you haven't secured a life product, its not too late...but its close to being too little too late.  At a certain age, the expense gets to be very heavy and will only get worse as you wait.  Consider a funeral expense policy at the very least to avoid your family having to pay out of pocket for your burial and ceremonial needs.  Soon, you'll retire and begin enjoying your time traveling and visiting family.  Always review your coverage with your insurance agent!  If you're out of country often, maybe a Kidnap & Ransom policy is in order.  Extortion is a modern risk, and a K&R policy could be what brings you home.  Contact an agent today!

The majority of you skipped to your age group, and that's OK!  Those of you in the older tiers may want to consider skimming the other sections as they include some insurance solutions you might not have considered at an early age.  In either case, we hope you'll continue to celebrate many more years to come.  Relax...we've got you covered!

-Sergio Saenz, Sr. Agent
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